Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sinus Surgery

I don't really feel like doing a big ol' blog entry, but want to keep those of you who care about Lex informed, so this will be a quick, to the point, post.

We went to clinic today and went over all his test results from his CTs and PFT.  His sinuses are completely full, it was pretty crazy to see the pictures.  He is going to need to have surgery and they don't want to wait long.  Because of the fact that my parents are leaving the country on Sept 4, combined with the schedule of our ENT, Lex is going to have to be admitted next Thu., 2 days before his birthday, and we are going to have to cancel/postpone his party.  He will be in the hospital a total of 2 weeks, so we will also be there for Garrett's first birthday.  Pretty sad about all of this, but Lex's health is obviously the priority.  He will be admitted on the 21st and given a PICC line, on antibiotics for one week before the surgery, which will happen on the 28th, and then we will hopefully be heading home after another week of antibiotics, on Sept. 4.

So, that's the deal.  Now I have to go contact everyone about his party.