Monday, January 13, 2014

CF yo-yo

The winter is the absolute worst!  Just as soon as we get Monkey healthy and get his weight back up, he gets sick again.  I feel like he spends more time sick than healthy in the winter. 

We very quickly went from super happy "yay he gained weight and got rid of the cough", to "crap, he's sick again."  In literally, like, 24 hours!  His clinic visit was Wednesday, everyone was thrilled with how great he was doing.  Thursday night he had a fever of 102.  We stayed home Friday, Saturday the fever was gone, but he still was not quite himself, meaning he actually sat still for more than 30 seconds at a time.  Sunday he seemed pretty much back to his usual self, bouncing off the walls and just a little extra whiny and quick to fits and tears when things weren't going his way.  So back to school we went today.

Around lunch his teachers told me he was very calm and quiet today.  Not a good sign!  If you know my Monkey, you know for him to be calm and quiet, he must not be feeling well.  Tonight he barely ate dinner and by bedtime, was running a low grade fever.  His nose is running like a broken faucet, it's turning from clear to a lovely shade of neon green, and his eyes are red and glassy.  At this point we can just keep hoping it won't go to his lungs, but it seems unlikely that hope will be fulfilled.

So, I will go to bed tonight, praying he wakes up in the morning fever-free so I can go to work.  Wish us luck as we continue to bounce up and down on the CF yo-yo.

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