Friday, January 31, 2014

Energizer and Adorableness

Wednesday night my friend Annia and I went to the Columbus CF Foundation's annual meeting.  They gave a chapter report, a national report, and a medical report, then gave some awards.  The medical report was by far the most interesting part for me.  I learned a lot about recent advances and came away with some questions for Monkey's doctors and a renewed sense of hope that this disease will be cured soon.  The average life expectancy jumped from 36 to 41, which Dr, McCoy said is the biggest single year increase she has seen in her career. I was also surprised to see my name listed in the program as someone who raised over $1000 for the Great Strides walk last year (I raised close to $5000).  Go me!!

The meeting ran really long and had some boring moments for me, so was probably extra boring for Annia.  We had Baby Brother with us, so that was an added challenge.  Annia is awesome to have come with me to this meeting, since my husband had to stay home with Monkey (people with CF are not supposed to attend indoor CF Foundation events because they can make each other sick).  Annia has been great support to me at other times also, such as going with me to Monkey's Pulmonary Function Test appointment and even going in to his CT with him because I was pregnant and couldn't go in the room.  It's amazing to have the support of friends like her.  If you know her, tell her how awesome she is next time you see her.

I left the meeting more motivated then ever to raise awareness and money for CF, which was perfect, because our next stop was to the Alumni Club bar, where we were going to talk to one of the owners (a friend of Annia's) about having a fundraiser for our Great Strides team.

I was overwhelmed by his openness to the idea and willingness to do whatever I envision to make it successful.  He also agreed to do a pin up campaign in the bar during the weeks leading up to the event.  This is where customers donate a few bucks, then get to write their name on a pin up to hang in the bar.  I think a bar is a brilliant place for a pin up campaign, because drunk people will give a lot of money!! ;)  So, I have some planning to do, and will be having another meeting with him soon to nail down a date and the details of the event.  Hoping to get some bands to play and items donated for a silent auction.  Donations taken at the door.  Maybe a special signature drink that a portion of the cost can be donated to the cause.  Will hopefully have our team t shirts finished and ready to sell, or at least a design to show and take pre-orders.  I'm open to suggestions and/or help from anyone who wants to get involved, leave a comment here or contact me through facebook, or email, or in person if you know me in real life.

I'm just feeling really energized, excited, and positive about this right now, which is a good way to feel and a good time to make things happen.

And since I have no picture to go with this post, I'll just leave you with some adorableness.


  1. Hi there Jodi! I'm so sorry that it's taken me so many weeks to get back to you about your CF blogroll button issue - it's been kind of a crazy winter for me. :) I'm not sure why the button link wouldn't be working for you, sorry! Since you've made a valiant effort to add it, I will go ahead and add you to the blogroll without it if you like, if you just wanted to link to the blogroll somewhere on your page instead to help get the word out! Would that work?

  2. That would be great! Thanks!!